Bus Journey Thoughts

or Ultra-Super-Mega-Whopper-MintyFresh Poem of Awesomness by Finnbar Howell

I am the unshaped block,
I am the uncarved wood,
My surface is riddled with sketches;
Plans for inlays and inscriptions.
But what will I become?
The Masterpiece or the Unfinished
Project abandoned in the dust?
Or a mundane tool, repeating a mundane
Task for which I was never intended.
A use I never wished for.
Will I become like something else?
A copy of a copy of a copy?
I might become something new.
Something beautifully imperfect,
Something interesting,
Something me.
Perhaps I will become many things,
like little figurines in classic poses;
The Scholar, The Fighter, The
And what will I be made of?
I would wish for something strong,
Not hard like steel; cruel and brittle,
Strong like Oak. Able to weather the
storm of change.
A thousand hands seek to shape me to their wishes.
A thousand more wait in shadows with
sharp tools, waiting weakness so that
they can harvest my Potential.
But I shall choose what I become.