The importance of connecting with the natural world

"If you ignore nature without, you also ignore nature within".

Laurens Van der Post

This morning, I am listening to an old recording of an interview with Laurens Van der Post. He talks about his terrible experiences at the hands of the Japanese in the second world war, and about returning to Johannesberg and feeling he couldn't bear any more of people, of humanity. "I've had enough of human beings"

He went into the bush, to a remote area, and there, he met an animal, a kudu, quite unafraid which looked him straight in the eye. He says "I thought "I my god, I am coming home".

He stayed there for three weeks, and every he felt the war slipping away, further and further. At the end of the three weeks, he could bear people again.

He says "I don't think a man who has watched the sun go down can walk away and commit a murder".

We need to reconnect to nature regularly, to be capable of reconnecting with ourselves. I'm pledging a daily walk in nature to myself this lent. A promise for daily connection.