Labyrinth of life

"A labyrinth is not a maze. It is not a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced. Its path is circular and convoluted but it has no dead ends. A labyrinth has one entrance, one way in and one way out. When we walk the path, we go around short curves and long curves; sometimes we are out on the edge, sometimes we circle around the centre. We are never really lost, but we can never quite see where we are going. Along the path we sometimes move forward with ease and confidence; sometimes we creep ahead cautiously; sometimes we feel the need to stop and reflect; and sometimes we feel an urge to retreat. In so many ways, the labyrinth is like life. The centre is there but our path takes countless twists and turns. Sometimes we are at the heart of our life experiences, sometimes we are at a playful turn; sometimes we share our path with others, sometimes we don't. No matter what, we are still on the labyrinth. It holds all our experience, in life and in our work."

From Prisoners of our Thoughts by Alex Patakos

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