Ephemeral Time

This morning, I read a post by Quinn McDonald, a creativity coach and artist based in Arizona, on the subject of "this too shall pass".
( link here http://quinncreative.wordpress.com/)

Shortly after reading her post, the Bob Dylan song "To Ramona" came into my mind, with the lines "everthing passes, everything changes, just do what you think you should do".

I couldn't find the original on youtube, but instead found this rsther lovely cover by David Grey:


I've alwsys loved the depth of Bob Dylan's lyrics. Here's another line I love from To Ramona:

"there's no one can beat you, no one to mistreat you 'cept the thought of yourself feeling bad".

How true. Its not events, but our thoughts about them thst leave us feeling bad.

The picture below was taken at 8.30 this Sunday morning at the Wicklow Gap. Its a bright sunny day. The snow will have melted now. And I'm nearly in Cork. This too shall pass.